Ask Rentals is a reliable provider of Tenant screening and apartment listing services, with excellent communication skills and thorough follow-up. She’s fine-tuned to the needs of both tenants and rental providers, and has delivered successful placement – including the rigorous completion of required forms and documents – for many years. I rate her services to be at a consistently superior level of proficiency in the realm of property management.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         By  Leon Mayeri

Hands down, we would use ASK Rentals again.  Our family had never worked with a listing agent before for our rental.  When we interviewed Kimmi Kataria, we found her professional and personable.  Her extensive experience and knowledge became apparent as she described her marketing strategy for our target tenant and answered our numerous questions.  We loved her pragmatic approach and unanimously opted to go with her.  She was clearly the right choice–within 48 hours we rented the house to a group of very responsible and financially stable tenants.   She’s a landlord’s dream–she took care of everything from advertising the rental, showing the rental, running the detailed background checks, making recommendations, and arranging the signing of the lease (which she provides) for all the parties and ALL for a competitive fee.  
We were so impressed with her, we sought her assistance a few months later when our tenants requested a replacement tenant.  We secured her services again and in less than a week, Kimmi performed the credit check and made the arrangements for the signing of the lease addendum.   We enthusiastically recommend her services to any landlord.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        By Shirley Wong

We are pleased to recommend ASK Rentals for any rental services for owners and prospective renters. Kimmi Kataria, has handled the rentals of our 19 unit apartment building flawlessly for over 10 years.  She is reliable, competent and thorough, especially in her efforts to verify that prospects are qualified.  We take as an added bonus that she points out deferred maintenance that, if corrected, will attract the highly qualified renters who have many options.   In addition, we have never failed to collect a rent from anyone she has recommended.

By Milt and Carolyn Von Damm