Property Owner’s

Every aspect of A.S.K. Rentals leasing services is personalized to the individual needs of every Property Owner.

As Licensed Real Estate Agents we specialize in leasing.  Since the rental market is constantly changing, we can provide up to date valuations.

An Agent will preview your property and estimate the current market rent. Suggestions will be made on any repairs or upgrades to make your property more attractive to Tenants.

Once a Rental Leasing contract has been signed, we place advertising on a variety of rental web sites. We include pictures and descriptions of your property and attractive details on the neighborhood.

A.S.K. Rentals will show your property by appointment and depending on your request by open house. In order to minimize your rent loss, many properties are shown prior to the tenant vacating the premises; great attention is paid to respect the current resident. If agreeable we can place for rent signs at the property.

In qualifying prospective renters each applicant goes through a thorough screening process. Running and reviewing credit reports, verifying income, checking rental and employment history.

Once you approve your new tenant, A.S.K.Rentals will prepare a lease agreement that includes all addendums and disclosure required by law.  Any special addendums or details you request can be added to your personalized lease.

A.S.K. Rentals takes time to sit and review in detail all aspects of the leasing process with your Tenant. Including, but not limited to, setting up utilities and how to complete move in checklists and smoke detector forms.

A.S.K. Rentals also offers a lease renewing service please contact us for details.